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November 15 2015

Herding Cats: Managing Depression

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I was ten years old the first time I remember thinking that I should just kill myself.  I had been having a rough day, and it was an unbidden response to the...

August 31 2015

Complex Conversations

Some friends of mine have been having conversations lately exploring different facets of identity.  I want to present these conversations together, because I think they’re a valuable glimpse in how people are...

July 20 2015

Kicking Deserving Out

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This seems like it should be an easy one for me.  I firmly don’t believe in the concept of “deserve”. I think it’s toxic in relationships and irrelevant at work. I think...

July 2 2015

The Love Language of Anger

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the love language of anger

Somehow it is easiest to wound the people that I least want to injure; a quick tongue and raw impatience have not made stellar combinations when my emotions ran high. Because of this, I have taken some time to work on how I can love someone even through anger. That is when I am most out of control of myself, when I am most outraged and least willing to listen, and most likely to do the most damage. This is the time when I need to be able to show them I love them the most. And for me, it has come down time and time again to language.

June 30 2015

Trying to manage identity-related conflict

This has been a weird month for a Southerner of alternative sexuality.

June 4 2015

Know Thy Habitual Self

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I wish I knew how to quit you

Which do you find easier: starting and sticking to a new habit, or breaking an old one?

Before we get to that, though, let’s talk about walking on hills.