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July 27 2015

A Forlorn Love Letter to Young Parents

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When I was young, I’d say all the way up into my 20s, I had this image of Parents as a pretty monolithic group.  With rare exceptions, they: knew everything; had whatever I...

July 20 2015

Kicking Deserving Out

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This seems like it should be an easy one for me.  I firmly don’t believe in the concept of “deserve”. I think it’s toxic in relationships and irrelevant at work. I think...

July 13 2015

Hi! “Nice” to “meet” “you”

There are a lot of experts out there who have good ideas on what you should measure, why it’s important, and what you can do to make your numbers better. These are pretty smart ways of evaluating what can seem like ephemeral results. This concept of quantifying an inherently qualitative activity has got me wondering: Why do we like to measure things so much?

July 2 2015

The Love Language of Anger

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the love language of anger

Somehow it is easiest to wound the people that I least want to injure; a quick tongue and raw impatience have not made stellar combinations when my emotions ran high. Because of this, I have taken some time to work on how I can love someone even through anger. That is when I am most out of control of myself, when I am most outraged and least willing to listen, and most likely to do the most damage. This is the time when I need to be able to show them I love them the most. And for me, it has come down time and time again to language.